Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Dear all the height of Fantasy never been so harsh!! lets have the taste of this title-less fiction story written by me (Yes myself Surendra!!!)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Story of Huseni and his girl Friend Dingchick - Part 3

Life is romantic journey until our emotions synchronizes with our partner.
Huseni and Dingchik off course made for each other couple but….still.
Now time is 11pm NIGHT
Huseni driving the car at very high speed
Its almost 1 hr they dint spoke a single word ….
Dingchik: “Hey wats up won’t you speak with me?”
Huseni : “hey nothing like that , you’re disturbed so I thought not to disturb you again”
Dingchik : “I want come beside you  “
Huseni “(with smile ) always welcome “
(He stops the car dingchik come and sat beside Huseni)
Dingchik: “so nice days we spent together while we just stated our carrier ,you were so idiot!!  “
Huseni: “Idiot?? Hmmm I was acting like that dear to make you fool (laughed)”
(dingchik showing fake angriness on her face) …
(she is nearing Huseni….!!!)
(Huseni also feeling warmth with her gesture)
(Huseni surround his right hand and hold her romantically)
(Dingchik watching Huseni’s eyes….)
(Huseni puts a melodious “Kiss” on Dingchik’s lips)
Loud horn….not of his car!!! Just missed a van….!!!
Dingchik sat properly and Huseni also now driving smoothly…
Dingchik: “( with shy voice ) What happened sweet heart?”
Huseni : “we almost touched the hell..just escape “
Dingchik :”that’s ok it happens on road no problem , now drive safe… “
Huseni: “shall I stop the car?? “
Dingchik: “Why????”
Huseni: “ha nothing, I thought of drive one vehicle at a time  so…!!!”
(Dingchik laughing)

part 4 will come soon ....:)

Story of Huseni and his girl Friend Dingchick - Part 2

Dingchik: “Why you stop the car?”
Huseni: “See something written on the road”
Dingchik: “What’s that can’t read”
Huseni: “Yes!! We just can’t read that”
Dingchik: “What to do now? , I am feeling so much fear”
Huseni: (replied with anger) “ you idiot will you shut your mouth?”
Dingchik seen first time temper nature of Huseni ,
Dingchik bow down her Head.
Couple do not have any option except following the Police Jeep!!
After moving some distance they see a Petrol Bunk…
Ploice Jeep stops, police man come out
Cop: “ Do you want any food or water?”
Huseni: “I don’t think we get food there, maybe we get water”
Huseni get off the car
Huseni: “Police officer why the back of the Jeep has no number plate??? “
He gushes and replies.. “Its none of your business”.
Huseni “hmm oh ok”
Huseni come back and give water to Dingchik.
Dingchik asks nicely “I think we need to sleep whole night in this car “
Huseni “ Me too thinking the same”.
Dingchik felt like some one has just pass by window she screams!! Huseni asks “ hey what happened “
Dingchik :” I just saw some one who just passed from here”.
Huseni :“hey you might have some fantacy .. see nobody is there!!”
Dingchik: (with temper) “ See Huseni.. i said I seen some one and you are not believing me?? “ .
Huseni started the car …
Now they just following the Jeep .. after some distance police jeep stops…
Cop: “yes now you can go by this road…if any problem call us to this number “x4554xxx434333””
Huseni: “ok sir we will !! thanks for the service “ (hand shake with cop)

Story of Huseni and his girl Friend Dingchick - Part 1

Huseni is a decent boyfriend and a guy who is completely clueless when it comes to improving the strained relationship with his girlfriend, Dingchik. But the lovely Dingchik has some ideas of her own in terms of the role she wants Huseni to play in her life.
Huseni acts nicer with beautiful girls but always forgets
“Hot sip not preferable when other strings attached to it”.
Huseni and Dingchik planed to go to a trip for a week… that’s nice way to express and improve their strained relationship.
So they took a car. Dingchik sat in back seat Huseni driving at very high Speed.. Dingchik loves high speed!!
Melodious song playing… nice romantic way to travel with a girl firend.
On the way.. all of sudden Police jeep overtook Huseni’s car and Huseni Stops the car. He dint get off the car ,through the window
Huseni: ”what’s the matter?”
Cop: “sir, we really sorry, you can’t continue this route as we got information that some dacoits waiting on the road and they are heavily armed.”
Huseni:(exclaims)” What??”
Cop: “We will give you security if you wish to come with us”.
Huseni : “What to do babe”
Dingchik: (with scared voice)“Do what ever police officer tells, Dnt Show your
Husenism here!!!”
Huseni: (replies with anger) “You the real Dingchik, never change hmmm, Ok Police officer we are ready to come with you”
They are following the Police Jeep…
Part 1 ends
Huseni finally starts to show that he too has brain!!!
Huseni: ”Hey you observed they have reverse legs!!!” ( laughed loudly)
Dingchik: (with angry) “Can’t you just drive car, I don’t like these scraps “
Huseni : (with Smile) “Hey you Jelly fish…you’re my sweet heart ,love you babe ummm”
Dingchik felt some what but dint show any emotions as we know it is already strained!!!
Police Jeep moving fast .they’re just following to it.
Dingchik unknowingly observe that police Jeep has no number plate… she got shocked…!!!!
Now She really got feared asks Huseni
Dingchik : “ Do you see any number plate for that police Jeep ?”
Huseni: (over reacted) “oh my god !!!”
He suddenly put break and car stops.
Huseni is clueless about what to do next… though he is thinking…
Dingchik totally scared.
Huseni gearing up his mind….

Huseni eyes stop on that sentence written on road!!!
Ploice Jeep Moving…!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kannada poetic mood!!

I wrote some Kannada thoughts, i am presenting here

"Ninna manadaalake alathe naanamma, manasinale gunuguva ninna haadige abhimaani naanamma, marethu nee maretanthe nitiralu nenapisuva maatugaara naanamma!!! "
--Surendra T. Rathod

"Novaagade? Noviralu!! nasu nakkaag kannanchali kanditondu hani jotegiralendu joteyaythu mathondu hani!!! Kanneerale kaledu hogadirali muddu manassu!!
naguvina mogadondige ..."
--Surendra T. Rathod

Monday, March 1, 2010

Adaku munna

Jeevisi kand kanasina jevanava jeeevanavanne kanasaagisadiri...

Muddu manasige novodagisi siguvudaadaru enu?

Manasu mook hakkiyanthe haarutirali adree baka paksiyanthe kulithallee shabda maadadirali

Mook vedane sukh tarali bereyavar sukh mogadalli nagu tarali

Manaseko vedaneyinda naralutide... aadru hanchiko bekemba aase dooravaagide:(

Araluva munna naraluva munna ... siguvude parihaar nooru janmaku?

Preetisuve Ninna Nee preetisuva Munna
Araladirali ninna hoo neremaneya hookundadalli
Naa ada nenesuva munna :)

with love

When you know....u are crossing the norms!!!

Hi my dear friend today am going to explain very interesting about "you"..

U have encircled yourself with some kind illusion...

Illusion give some sort of happiness but kills the reality..

Friend think before you switch to next new thought...

Its "you" can yourself .. "you" are power house dnt let others to rule "you"

Come jump out... think out of the box... Life is functional and it's not black horse you can bet upon!!!

Love the way you are .... wet it or dry it

:) my pleasure

with love